EPIA calls for greater European role for renewables

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) is urging European energy ministers, meeting today in Brussels, to consider the future role solar PV can play in the pan-European energy market.

“The internal energy market should be readied to attain the strategic EU goals of competitiveness, emissions reduction and secure energy supply,” said EPIA policy director Frauke Thies.

“The balance between supply and demand of electricity in the system should be considered in a wide context, taking into account the contribution made to it by photovoltaics and other renewables, coupled with increased efforts for a smarter grid system, active demand side management and storage technologies.” 

“Currently, Europe does not primarily face a shortage of power plants, but a shortage of flexibility in the electricity system. Instead of focusing on generation capacity, European Ministers should unlock flexibility solutions to make the most of available generation capacity and growing renewables in the grid,” he added.