Econic offer free heat pump seminar

Rob Gardiner 2
Rob Gardiner, managing director of Econic
Econic is to hold a free webinar covering aspects of ground source heat pumps, from how the technology works to planning the ideal system.

The event, The Ins And Outs Of Ground Source Heat Pumps, is being led by managing director Rob Gardiner on Monday February 25, at 1pm.

Rob Gardiner, managing director of Econic, part of Myriad CEG, said: “Ground source heat pumps are the most efficient renewable technology available for the provision of heating, cooling and simultaneous heating and cooling. 

“Increasingly, systems are becoming more complex, particularly with respect to design, control and integration in order to utilise the high efficiencies provided by heat pumps and to meet renewable energy requirements of building.

“The webinar is going to be a basic introduction to ground source heat pumps and the technology that makes them work.

“It will be a great way for architects and consultants to get an idea  about what ground source heat pump technology, new developments, how it can be applied to projects and and what to consider when designing a project.”

To register for the free webinar, simply click here: