Cameron: Only the greenest economies will prosper

David Cameron has given his personal backing to the continuing drive for energy efficiency and the decarbonisation of the UK’s economy.

In his speech at the launch of DECC’s energy efficiency mission, the prime minister said that the government’s energy efficiency policies, led by Green Deal, would ensure that the nation succeeded in the global battle against limited fossil fuel resources.  

He added that reducing our reliance on carbon-intensive energy generation would lower the UK’s exposure to volatile global price hikes, making it the right policy in both environmental and economic terms.

The CBI and REA have welcomed the speech as a positive signal to potential investors. 

Rhian Kelly, CBI director for business environment policy, said: “Businesses know that going green can boost growth. Our research shows that supporting the UK’s low-carbon economy with the right policies could potentially add £20bn to GDP by 2015.

“Britain must maximise these opportunities to become the leading destination for low-carbon investment and strengthen our exports of green goods and services to the rest of the world.”

REA chief executive Gaynor Hartnell added: The Prime Minister’s words are welcome. Whilst the Government has an impressive list of policy measures in place, there is a great deal of uncertainty on Electricity Market Reform, Feed-in Tariffs and even the Renewable Heat Incentive. Confidence needs to be boosted and it seems David Cameron acknowledges this.”