Upfront fees likely for Green Deal

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Some homeowners will face upfront charges for Green Deal Assessments, according to a survey by The Guardian.

Launching later this month, climate change minister Greg Barker had previously stated that the scheme would operate at no upfront cost. But a Guardian Survey of 24 companies registered as domestic assessors has shown that five will charge between £95 and £150 as an assessment fee.

The news has prompted fears among MPs that demand will be severely hit by the prospect of homeowners paying for assessments prior to any decision being made over which, if any, Green Deal measures are required.

Shadow climate change minister Luciana Berger told the Guardian: “Charging such a high fee is likely to deter those on low incomes and pensioners – exactly the people who could benefit most from installing energy efficiency measures.

“When Labour raised the cost of assessments with ministers during debates on the energy bill last year, they told us they expected companies would not charge customers for assessments. It’s now clear they were wrong and their mistake could seriously lower green deal take up. DECC needs to look urgently at what action it can take to reduce the cost of assessments for those who are interested in taking out the green deal.”