Two minutes with…

steve griffiths
Who are you? Steve Griffiths, sales and marketing director for Tritec Energy

What do you do? Tritec Energy is a leading supplier of all components of solar photovoltaic systems.

Where are you? Our UK base is in Hampshire, and we recently moved to a new site in Eastleigh, which has given us double the office space and triple the warehouse space. We also have offices in more than twelve countries.

How’s business at the moment? Even though we’re not seeing the heavy demands of last year, we’re keeping up a reasonable level of business. We’ve recently partnered with a local haulage company, to make sure we can rapidly deliver customer orders, and we’ve invested in a dedicated training suite at our Eastleigh site.

We’ve also seen an encouraging level of demand in some of our recent product launches – particularly the Tri-Cell storage system for solar power and Tri-Roof mounting system.

How could it be better? A more consistent month-on-month turnover with some predictability would be nice!

Who do you admire in renewables? Those that look to drive the market through these tough times. This is definitely an industry where innovation is key, and I’m always impressed by those that are on the lookout for what’s next in terms of technology.

What’s the best business advice you have received? Keep an eye on your competitors, but always concentrate on your own business first.

How are you going green? As a company, we recycle our packaging materials. At home, I have a PV system on the roof of my house and, as a family, we recycle at least 70 percent of our rubbish.