Talking point

Liz MacFarlane
Liz MacFarlane, Zenex, looks ahead to the company’s new showings at Ecobuild and new reasons for the sector to push the positive aspects of PV

I may be a Yorkshire lass, but I always welcome a trip to London – Ecobuild 2013. It’s the first major event of the year for us, as I guess it is for many other renewables companies. It may be smaller than recent years but the quality remains strong with key companies either exhibiting or visiting. It is, as always, the highlight of the UK renewable exhibition scene and with over 80 categories of exhibitor, the event continues to promise extensive expertise.

Of course, Zenex will be among the many companies showcasing its latest products and services. In fact, we will be launching a new range of heating products including a new heat pump and solar thermal panel. As with all our products, quality and reliability are at the heart of this new range and we have used our longstanding expertise in the industry to ensure our new products give both installers and end-users the very best of technology and longevity.

Maybe not this year, but it looks like it won’t be long before we’ll be making the trip to Ecobuild in electric cars. With reports in The Guardian that sales of these vehicles look set to double in 2013 as prices start to fall, the future looks increasingly profitable for this sector. And of course, this will have a positive knock-on effect for our industry as the savvy and clued-up customer looks for ways to shave pounds off their energy bills as well as their petrol bills. It goes without saying that solar PV provides the perfect opportunity for homeowners to generate their own electricity.  In the US, electric vehicles have grown in popularity and what happens to our cousins across the pond usually comes to affect us in the UK too, providing further reason to push the benefit of PV to an increased customer base.