Green Deal is the real deal, says Enevis

Renewable energy provider Enevis has welcomed the launch of the government’s Green Deal, which aims to help homeowners cut costs and carbon emissions.

Richard Jones, national sales manager at Dartford-based Enevis, part of the EneGroup of companies that specialise in a range of low carbon construction technologies, said: “We are very excited about the Green Deal as this scheme will provide thousands of homeowners across the UK with the funding required to reap the benefits of our energy-saving services.

“We here at EneGroup are in a fantastic position to install and manufacture a range of money-saving products offered in the Green Deal, from external wall finishes and renders to renewable energy solutions.

“There are great benefits to the homeowner as the varied improvements, which have no upfront costs, are bound by the Green Deal Golden Rule, which ensures that repayments will never outweigh the savings – providing a way out of fuel poverty and allowing them to save for the future.

“The Green Deal presents our country with a great opportunity to improve our housing stock, which features a high proportion of quite old and low standard properties, and also help us to achieve our climate change goals as set out by the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target.

“While there has been some criticism of the roll out of the Green Deal, we feel the government has taken a sensible, soft-launch approach. This is a long-term scheme that will create more than 60,000 jobs. The infrastructure needs to be put into place, which will take time. It’s not going to happen overnight.

“The long-term benefits of the Green Deal will be felt for many years to come.”

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