Green Deal cashback gets green light

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The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has today announced the launch of a £125m cashback scheme for homeowners who invest in Green Deal – two weeks sooner than expected.

 The cashback scheme, which will see homeowners and landlords pocket hundreds of pounds of bonuses for installing energy efficiency measures, was expected to be launched on January 28th when the first finance plans can legally be signed.

The date has been moved forward to increase the number of assessments being booked ahead of the full roll out later this month.

Although is has emerged that some businesses will be charging for assessments, which are a legal requirement of any homeowners taking out a Green Deal finance plan, householders in some cases could make over £1,000 depending what measures are installed.

The rates currently available, which includes £ 50 cashback for draught proofing, £270 for upgrading to a condensing gas boiler and £650 for solid wall insulation, are only guaranteed until the first £40m has been used ensuring that early adopters are rewarded the most.

Energy secretary Edward Davey said: “The Green Deal will be a great offer for people to insulate their homes from the cold, and their wallets from rising energy prices. With cashback too, energy saving has never been so attractive.

“Our cashback scheme is a generous offer but it’s first-come, first-served so householders need to be quick off the mark. Get an assessment, be ready to have home improvements done with a Green Deal when it launched on 28 January and then get your cashback.

“This also sends a clear message to the industry that the Green Deal is building momentum and I’m delighted there is such a strong incentives scheme in place to encourage early take up. We’re excited about how this could open up the energy efficiency market.”

Homeowners can apply for cashback vouchers online ( or by phone (0300 123 1234) providing an assessment is undertaken on their property, quotes are obtained from a Green Deal Provider and work is completed within a specified period of time.