Ecolution launches PV Performance Guarantee

Ecolution's managing director Richard Jenkin's says the Performance Guarantee is one of a kind
Ecolution’s managing director Richard Jenkin’s says the Performance Guarantee is one of a kind
A PV system Performance Guarantee is being launched this month by Ecolution Energy Services to housing association, initially in London and the south.

Housing association which give Ecolution the responsibility to manage its PV systems will be guaranteed that the installations perform to 90 percent of predicted output. If the target is not achieved, Ecolution says it will refund the difference between the projected Feed-in Tariff income and what was actually collected.

The Performance Guarantee is designed to replace existing maintenance regimes for a comparable price and should help housing association maximise the return on investment from PV installations.

Richard Jenkins, Ecolution’s managing director, said: “As PV systems are a unique electrical component within the house, generating significant lifestyle revenue, the maintenance approach to these systems should be considered differently to other repair and maintenance regimes traditionally associated with electrical items.

“We have come across PV systems that have been out of action for weeks without tenants or housing associations knowing. In that time FiT revenue is lost and the tenants will lose out on a significant amount of free electricity.

“Ecolution has developed the Performance Guarantee service for housing associations because we firmly believe that no other company has the expertise to keep PV systems fully-monitored and operational all year round for the tariff we offer.”