Easy PV

PV wholesaler Midsummer Energy has developed a free online tool designed to help installers more easily design solar arrays and cut down on paperwork.

The company says that, if you are an installer that sets out with a biro and the back of an envelope to plan layouts and energy calculations, then you will welcome using the new website to produce PV designs quickly and professionally.

Andy Rankin, Midsummer Energy’s md, said his wholesale and installation teams have been using the tool to speed up quotes and simplify paperwork required by MCS.

He adds that Easy PV helps installers to:

-Draw your roof and panel layout to scale
-Automatically specify mounting components
-Select appropriate inverters
-Produce SAP calculations
-Draw schematics
-Produce roof and wind loading calculations
-List and order components required
-Save and design your MCS records

You can try the system by visiting