Amber Green adds wind power to its portfolio

AMBER bergey excel 10kW turbine lattice tower
Renewable energy provider Amber Green Energy has added small-scale wind turbines to its power generation portfolio following its appointment as re-seller for SIAC Wind Energy.

Based in Moy, County Tyrone, Amber Green Energy is already involved in large-scale wind operations and, with the new partnership with SIAC, will now be offering the small scale 10kW Bergey Excel turbine. Amber Green says it will provide consultations, planning, installation and commissioning services.

Dwyer O’Neill, Amber Green Energy chief executive, said: “We are delighted to be representing SIAC and Bergey wind turbines in the Northern Ireland market.  There is a growing appetite here for sustainable energy solutions in face of the ever-increasing energy costs and this gives us an opportunity to introduce the benefits of small-scale wind energy installations to the farming and small business community.  Not only does wind power offer the potential to generate free electricity, there is also the scope through the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation Certificates (NIROC) to generate an income.”

Patrick Dormon, md of SIAC Wind Energy, added: “With its commitment to renewable energy technologies, Amber Green Energy is the ideal ambassador for Bergey turbines in the Northern Ireland market.
“An important part of the partnership will be to help educate the market in the benefits of small-scale wind turbine installations.  When thinking about wind energy, most people think in terms of the massive large-scale wind farms.  In fact, the Bergey turbines offer an affordable and attainable option for a wide range of energy users, including farmers, landowners and commercial operators.  Unlike other turbines, the fact that the Bergey generates power at all wind speeds without cutting out in high winds means that in the real world the energy produced on an investment-return basis surpasses others’ claims.”