Two minutes with…

What do you do?            
We are a subsidiary of Fronius International which has been designing and manufacturing PV inverters in Austria for the last 20 years.

Where are you?              
Our office is based in Milton Keynes.

How’s business at the moment?             
With the turbulence of the Feed-in Tariff changes this year, we have seen huge fluctuations in demand. 2013 is a period for installers to re-aim their focuses on the larger systems whereas before it was on domestic installations.

How could it be better?               
I think that the market still needs more education for everyone to understand the returns which can be sought from PV and that for these returns to be consistent you need to invest in quality products which will stand the test of time.

Q: Who do you admire in renewables?                
People who can look past the current market demands, years into the future, and develop sustainable solutions for households such as our Hydrogen Fuel Cell. This will really make it a reality to be grid independent.

What’s the best business advice you have received?    
Invest in the Future. Fronius puts a large amount of its turnover straight back into research and development to provide innovative solutions whilst maintaining its role as quality leader. This year we have released the first central inverter which can be fully installed, operated and maintained by the installer.

How are you going green?

Our factory in Sattledt has one of the largest PV systems in Austria which provides most of the power demand of this inverter production site. We have also won an award for running the logistics vehicles with hydrogen technology, the hydrogen itself being sourced using power from our PV array.