Q & A

Matthieu Giraudon is European renewables product manager at Fernox

REI: What have you got planned for 2013?
MG: To change a cultural aspect in theUKwith regard to the perception of renewable energy technologies. There is a tendency for them to be seen as unreliable in terms of performance outputs, and not as appropriate to a colder, less sunny country like theUK. We know that this perception is actually inaccurate and that correctly sized and properly installed, solar thermal systems or heat pumps work efficiently and are trouble free. The challenge is to get this message across to householders and installers.

REI: What do you see as the growth areas in renewables?
MG: Fernox is involved in the supply of best- in -class heat transfer fluids for solar thermal and heat pumps and the promotion of renewable technologies generally. Therefore, any progress in the early adoption and take up rates of these renewable technologies would be welcomed. In that respect, we see the introduction of both the Green Deal and the second part of RHI playing an important role in boosting overall market demand.

REI: How is your own company cutting its carbon footprint?
MG: Two years ago, we started to measure the specific carbon footprint for our core products from the sourcing of the raw materials through to the disposal of the finished products. Following a thorough audit, we have been granted certification from the Carbon Trust. Under the terms of this certification, we are obliged to improve the carbon footprint of these products on an ongoing basis, which means that we are actively working on reducing our carbon footprint as routine.

Matthieu Giraudon is European renewables product manager at Fernox