New energy efficient home for SolarMax

SolarMax has opened new state-of-the-art, energy efficient headquarters in Biel, Switzerland.

Parent manufacturing company, Sputnik Engineering, has united three existing Swiss locations under one roof in response to increased growth. The new headquarters now has development, production, warehouse, logistics, and office space all under one roof as well as sufficient space to accommodate 500 employees.

Environmental compatibility and energy efficiency play a decisive role in the new building. The company is certified in accordance with the environmental management standard ISO 14001:2004 and manufactures in an entirely CO2-neutral manner. A woodchip heating system generates the heat and the air conditioning system was reduced as much as possible. For example, the inverter testing systems which generate heat are cooled by fresh air. Additionally, the exhaust heat generated by the production is used to heat the production hall during the winter.

The electrical energy consumption within the building is completely covered by renewable sources – a significant part thereof by the photovoltaic plant on the roof. The plant with an output of 220kW delivers 200,000kWh of green energy annually. This could allow SolarMax to supply enough energy for 50 households each year. If more energy is produced than the company requires, it is fed into the grid of the Energie Service Biel/Bienne (ESB), and no feed-in payment is claimed.