National Skills Academies create better futures

National Skills Academies, such as the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies, have been described as a ‘key instrument in the government’s agenda to make the UK economy competitive on a global scale on the basis of world-class skills.’

The statement was the conclusion of Creating Better Futures II, the second monitoring and evaluation report by the National Skills Academy Network. 

Key findings of the report include:

  • The extent to which NSAs as employer led and sponsored organisations work with businesses in the UK, with over 29,500 engaged with the network since its inception in 2006.  65% of these have provided formal investment into their sector’s skills agenda.
  • 365,000 people have completed training via a National Skills Academy.
  • Approximately 10,000 Apprentices have been engaged as a result of Skills Academy activity.
  • Skills Academies have worked with over 1,700 training providers

 Jonathan Ledger, chair of the National Skills Academy Strategic Network said: “Creating Better Futures II demonstrates that National Skills Academies have made significant progress in the engagement of organisations, including SMEs, and that employer leadership and ambition has been accelerated as a direct result of National Skills Academy activities.

“Nearly 30,000 organisations have been engaged with a Skills Academy since 2006, 11,000 of these have been engaged since 2010, providing a 60% expansion in just two short years.

“Through the report the network has identified a number of priorities to maximise and add value to the work already undertaken; this includes concentrating on the visibility of the network. This brand is a kitemark of quality that is well known by businesses, providers and government.  We need now to promote the brand to individuals so that they can choose providers and courses with confidence.”

National Skills Academy executive director, Cathryn Hickey, added: “We are proud to be part of the National Skills Academy network – together we are making a significant impact on employer engagement in skills across our sectors.”