KIOTO acquires Solar Insurance certification

After completing a positive audit of the technical and financial aspects and environmental and labour conditions of the KIOTO Photovoltaics factory, Solar Insurance declares that KIOTO Photovoltaic modules fulfill all expectations and acquires certification.

This means that from now on clients of KIOTO Photovoltaics can insure their projects with the option ‘Inherent defect and warranty’ from Solar Insurance, which backs up the warranty of the modules. The option ‘Inherent defect and warranty’ is an option with the operational Solar PV Insurance, which covers damage caused by weather conditions, fire and theft and compensates production loss.

The option consists of two parts:

1.    Inherent defect
In case the manufacturer does not provide compensation, the option ‘Inherent defect and warranty’ covers damage caused by an inferior characteristic (an inherent defect) to modules or inverters. The cover knows a maximum of 20 years for modules and a maximum of 7.5 years for inverters.

2. Warranty
This provides cover if you have a legitimate claim within the warranty period and the manufacturer:

  • Can’t fulfill his obligations due to bankruptcy
  • Rejects the warranty claim
  • Disputes his liability

The insurance compensates new materials, labour costs, call out charge and loss of production in case of a covered event. This insurance is valid in all countries on the European continent.