Insulation opportunities laid bare by EST

A survey by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) has shown the enormous business opportunities which exist for installers fitting insulation in the UK.

Although a million householders claim to have fitted insulation in the past year, around half of all UK households still have under-insulated lofts and a quarter have uninsulated cavity walls.

The EST’s survey shows that more than a fifth of respondents are ‘very keen’ to fit insulation whilst many are keen to cash in on the end of the Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) which offers grants to pay for cavity wall or loft insulation until 31 December.

The Green Deal will supercede CERT in January as the primary mechanism for householders to insulate their homes and EST are inviting installers to register with it as Green Deal Advisors and/or Installers here.

EST will provide Green Deal installer certification at a fixed price. All installers approved by EST will be given a free listing on its website.