DECC publishes RO bandings

The government has outlined support rates going forward for biomass and solar under the Renewables Obligations Certificate (ROC).

solar pv panel

In response to its formal consultation on the scheme, the government has confirmed that rates for ground mounted solar will be slightly more generous than originally proposed (1.6/MWh) and that a new band will be introduced specfically for medium-sized roof-mounted solar systems.

This new band will be set at a higher rate than ground mounted PV (1.7/MWh) to incentivise medium scale solar after concerns were raised that the 7.1p/kWh rate currently available for mid-sized systems (250kW-5MW) under the Feed-in Tariff was inadequate.

This will come into force in the New Year and fall by 0.1 each year until 2017.

Climate change minister Greg Barker said: “We have listened to industry about the need to differentiate support between building mounted and ground mounted installations and we have introduced two bands as a result.

“Our proposals for solar projects on commercial buildings will encourage businesses to consider solar PV as a serious option for meeting their power needs.”

Industry reaction to follow