BRE launches Green Deal Advisor qualification

BRE Training is delighted to launch its Green Deal Advisor qualification programme. The Level 3 Diploma in Green Deal Advice has eight Units with a total of 47 credits. You will need to complete all eight units to achieve the Level 3 Diploma in Green Deal Advice.

BRE says it has developed an interactive and flexible learning and assessment programme that will provide you with an effective learning process which will:

  • Be at a pace and time to suit you
  • Minimise the amount of time taken in travel or out of the workplace.
  • Provide a mix of on-line learning, interactive workshops and hands on assessment which has been welcomed as very enjoyable and effective in several other BRE courses.
  • Include access to unique facilities and relevant showcase buildings at:
    • BRE sites such as our Victorian Terrace andInnovationParksand those of our partners at the Think Low Carbon building,Barnsley, and CoRE ‘living refurbishment’ demonstrator, Stoke.

As a new entrant, you will need to complete the DEA training programme including pre-learning in house construction, online modules, and attend a three day classroom based programme before you start the Green Deal Advisor course.

For more information contact BRE Training on or 01923 664829