Thermodynamic products lose MCS accreditation

The MCS has recently completed an initial review of thermodynamic product types, and has subsequently taken the decision to temporarily suspend registration of these products within the MCS installation database.

MCS stresses that thermodynamic products can still be installed in the UK, just that they cannot be registered within the MCS data base – barring them from incentives such as the RHI.

MCS has given the following three reasons for its decision:

1) The performance of the products being installed in the UK cannot be fully determined due to the fact that the system’s are being installed using refrigerant, but the testing and certification through Solar Keymark did not use refrigerant as the heat transfer medium. 

2) Systems with a compression heat exchange unit are unable to meet the requirements for completing the performance estimation and SAP calculations required under MCS.

3) Installers are required to meet all parts of the building regulations, and it is uncertain if installers are currently able to meet Part G with the system’s packaged control strategy.