PV savings and FiT income up £100 a year

New data from the Energy Saving Trust (EST) shows that the average total savings and Feed-in Tariff income for households installing solar PV has increased by £100 a year.

The EST attributes this to the increasing average size of PV arrays and rising fuel bills which outweigh reductions in FiT.

Data compiled before the November 01 tariff reduction date showed the average FiT income and fuel bill savings per household amounted to £540 per annum. This figure now stands at £635 which will also reduce payback time accordingly.

EST’s renewable expert, Ian Cuthbert, said: “The average size of PV installations has increased from 3kWp to 3.5kWp which means that households are generating more electricity and earning more savings and FiT income.

“It is clear that UK households are increasingly looking to get the maximum yield for their roof to maximise the benefits of the solar installation.”