In the know

This month, the MCS column looks at the facts installers need to know about  MCS installation and the Green Deal

The government has made clear that it wants the installation of microgeneration measures under Green Deal to be carried out by MCS-certified installers. Some governance changes are required to make this happen but the intention is that those will all be completed in plenty of time before the first Green Deal installations are carried out in early 2013.

However, we already know at a high level how MCS installers can opt in to installing under Green Deal as well. The recognition of MCS by Green Deal means the installer company will already be complying with the vast majority of what’s needed forGreen Deal. There will be a few extra requirements, and these are set out in PAS 2030 (the Green Deal installer standard) which you can obtain either directly from BSI or, in many cases, via your Certification Body. Once you have been assessed against any such additional criteria, you will also need to sign up to the Green Deal Code of Practice:

Finally you will need to sign a sub-licence authorising you to use the Green Deal Mark in your advertising and promotional materials. We believe that most current MCS Certification Bodies intend signing up to offer this service, so the chances are you’ll be able to do all this without ever needing to change Certification Body.

Formore information you should contact your Certification Body. If you wish to be certified to install more Green Deal measures than just microgeneration, you can find a list of Certification Bodies who can help you with that here: