In the frame

The ‘GreenKit’ distribution division of The Green Electrician Group has launched a range of pre-designed kits containing everything an organisation needs to begin generating solar power – including mounting frames and fixings from TRITEC UK.

The GreenKit solar PV kits contain everything from monitoring equipment to mounting systems – simplifying the whole installation process and helping to ensure PV projects come in on-time and on-budget.

Mounting frames and fixings from TRITEC, included as standard in the GreenKit solar packs, are designed to allow PV systems to be installed quickly and easily on a range of different surface types – pitched roofs, flat roofs, building exteriors and ground arrays. TRITEC add that each kit can be custom-made to suit individual installation requirements.

Steve Griffiths, sales and marketing director at TRITEC UK, said: “The GreenKit packs really take the legwork out of solar PV installations. By taking advantage of a ready-to-go pack of equipment, customers know they’re getting high-quality, fully-compatible equipment designed for their needs.”

Rupert Higgin, managing director of The Green Electrician Group, added: “By featuring cutting-edge technology from companies like TRITEC, the pre-designed PV kits from GreenKit represent an important step forward in terms of achieving hassle-free, cost-effective installations.”