Improve energy efficiency with PAS 2030

What is PAS 2030?
PAS 2030 Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings. Specification for installation process, process management and service provision, sets out requirements for installing energy efficiency measures (EEM) in existing residential and non-residential buildings; particularly within the remit of the United Kingdom Green Deal Financing Mechanism.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will be using PAS 2030 to:

  • Set the requirements for installing measures under the Green Deal
  • A good practice benchmark for installations under the Green Deal

Why do I need PAS 2030?
It is essential for anyone installing products or systems designed to improve a building’s energy efficiency, but other parties, such as Green Deal providers, may also find it useful.

How does PAS 2030 work?
It includes requirements for installation processes, process management, service provision, criteria for installation methods, equipment, tools, product or system and material suitability, as well as the training, skills and competencies needed to meet the requirements.

BSI is offering PAS 2030 for £95.00 which can be purchased online here.