Fit for a king

The £1.3m BIPV project at London’s King’s Cross Station is the first major installation to utilise Seaward Solar’s new PV electrical tester.  

The new 240kWp array makes up part of a larger£550m redevelopment at the station which saw 1,392 custom-made glass solar panels installed in the two large barrel vaulted roof structures.

Seaward Solar’s PV electrical tester was used to carry out all electrical tests required by BS EN 62446 eliminating the need for multiple test instruments for PV panel installation and connection.

Martin Cotterell, founder and chairman of the project’s PV installers Sundog Energy, said: “King’s Cross has been a fantastic project to work on – but also a labour of love.

“The sheer scale of the installation has presented many technical and aesthetic design challenges from day one and there has been no margin for error as the work had to be undertaken whilst the station remained fully operational.”