The answer’s blowing in the wind

Dorset-based small wind turbine and power system manufacturer Ampair today announced the launch of the V2 version of its heliPod and trailorPod hybrid renewable energy generators.Ampair has been manufacturing ‘off the shelf’ hybrid renewable power systems for wind measurement met masts and Lidar for nearly four years and has been exporting its systems worldwide. The systems consist of a blend of micro turbine, PV, fuel cell or propane generator with the appropriate balance being determined by modelling power consumption scenarios with Ampair’s in-house developed simulation software ‘proAmpair’.

Ampair’s sales and marketing manager Jeremy Davies said: “We have had very positive feedback from clients, with many systems now being into their second and third years of providing 100% power availability to the measurement equipment. We have had a few tricky sites where the local weather conditions have produced prolonged periods of still wind and fog which is a renewables based power supply’s worst nightmare. If these weather events are recurring, our customers are offered our plug and play fuel cell or propane generator ‘supplements’ which protect the system from these unusual weather events and ensure that they continue to deliver power.’

“The V2 models of the heliPod and trailerPod come with a full set of signals and power output and input options and are daisy-chainable, making them very versatile. For example two heliPods can be combined to power an older Lidar with higher power consumption but can be divided into two separate systems to power two modern Lidars. We think this flexibility is key to customers to enable them to see the Ampair solutions as a cost-reducing multi-campaign power solution.”