Specflue impresses APHC

Specflue’s training centre at Sudbury, Suffolk has been given the thumbs up by Ian Pattell, president of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC).

Mr Patell said he was particularly impressed by the renewables training facilities and how APHC members could benefit from the company’s training expertise. Ian’s visit to Specflue focused on future working opportunities between the two organisations and creating initiatives for APHC members undergoing training.

Mr Pattel said: “I was very impressed by every aspect of my visit. Specflue’s training centre will prove incredibly beneficial in terms of impact for the confidence of the trade and I certainly expect positive input when our Green Deal goes live. I am passionate about training quality and developing training enhancement and as such was certainly impressed by Specflue’s renewable facilities, which will prove a fantastic resource in raising people’s knowledge going forward.”

Jed Smith, Specflue’s training manager, added: “There is a lot of synergy between Specflue and the APHC. It all points to a bright future especially with regards to raising standards of knowledge and installation. Another major advantage will be the one off cost to link the requirements of the MCS quality mark with APHC’s competent person’s scheme. This is only open to plumbing and heating businesses whose staff are properly qualified and assessed, working to a minimum trading standard with measurable benefits back to customers.  It all amounts to a positive and joined up working relationship which will be cost effective and pro-active to all installers.”