Schiedel UK opens biomass training centre

Washington-based Schiedel Chimney Systems has launched what it says is the only centre to offer HETAS approved biomass boiler installation courses in the northern half of the UK.

The company credits the RHI and Green Deal with creating an upsurge in domestic and industrial biomass installations and growth in this sector.

The training centre, based just south of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Washington, has been fitted out with ETA biomass equipment and offers courses supporting all parts of the trade from an introduction to solid fuel right through to installation and maintenance.

David Wright, marketing manager at Schiedel UK, said: “It is hugely important that anyone considering fitting a biomass boiler of any type, employs a qualified installer. So we have specifically launched these biomass courses to meet the needs of this growing sector of the market. By doing so we are ensuring that we have qualified technicians who have passed an approved course using the latest in biomass technology.”