Safety first

The M74 is one of a new family of fault finding and electrical safety checking instruments, supplied by HT Instruments Direct.

The company says the range combines both Italian style and European build quality that makes it desirable while still maintaining its affordability within the market place.

Both the multi skilled fitter carrying out fault finding on various pieces of plant within the manufacturing sector and also the Repair engineer installing and repairing equipment in domestic, commercial or industrial environments will find this an invaluable addition to their tool box, adds HT Instruments Direct.

Key Features
–Residual current device (RCD) trip time tests that mean your engineer can test to ensure that this critical piece of safety equipment is working correctly.
-Insulation and Continuity of earth conductors according to VDE and IEC common standards on typical electrical installations.
-A powerful “AUTOTEST” feature permits the M74 to quickly perform an automatic sequence of tests, a simple and easy safety check with OK or NOT OK response results.
-Phase sequence with 1 or 2 wire method that also picks up if 2 of the phases are the same.
-Leakage current with optional transducer clamp ideal for troubleshooting operations.
-Voltage and current peak measure on 1ms it’s also ok for inrush current evaluation of electrical motor devices.


  • Continuity test of protective conductors with 200mA
  • Insulation Resistance measurement with 250, 500VDC
  • Trip-out time of RCDs type AC Standard
  • Selectable test current; 30mA, 30x5mA, 100mA, 300mA
  • Global Earth Resistance without RCD tripping
  •  Resolution W Global Earth Resistance with 0.1
  • Automatic test of global earth resistance + RDC test + insulation test
  • DC Voltage
  • AC TRMS Voltage
  • Automatic detection of AC/DC signals
  • AC TRMS Current external clamp
  • AC TRMS Leakage current with optional external clamp
  • Resistance
  • Continuity test with buzzer
  • Frequency with test leads
  • Frequency with optional external clamp
  • Phase sequence indication at 1 or 2 wires method
  • Phase coincidence indication at 1 or 2 wires method
  • MIN/MAX/AVG functions
  • PEAK function with response time 1ms
  • HOLD function
  • Auto Power OFF