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Great support: 8,520 SOL-F anchor posts have been deployed on PV arrays across ten IKEA UK stores
SFS intec’s SOL-F anchor posts have been used to secure 39,000 solar panels across ten IKEA UK stores.

IKEA worked with installers GS Solar UK which opted to use 8,520 of the anchor posts mechanically fastened to the steel deck of the store’s flat roofs by Topek Southern .

James Cooney, contracts director at Topek Southern, said: “The majority of the flat roof constructions were made up of a typical lightweight metal deck, vapour control layer (VCL), insulation board and single ply membranes, so it was clear that a sturdy fastening and mounting system was required to negate any unwanted stress to the roof, especially when under wind pressure.

“The high wind exposure rating of most stores meant that securing the system to the 1-2mm thick single ply membrane was not feasible as this would have transferred the wind load directly through the membrane layer, carrying huge risks. Due to the nature of the lightweight roof construction, ballasted systems were also ruled out.

“The specified SOL-F system from SFS intec was the ideal product for this type of installation. Taking us a speedy 15 minutes per post to fit, we were able to quickly core out the insulation layer without damaging the VCL layer to install the distance spacer, before fitting the upper clamping plate to make a weather tight seal.”

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