Dulas extends turbine range

Sanjay Bowry, ceo of Dulas
Dulas has announced the addition of two turbine models to its medium range portfolio (50-500kW).

The SIVA 50/250 and the Turbowinds T400 will now be offered resulting in the company now holding stocks of 50kW, 100kW, 250kW and 400kW sized turbines.

Sanjay Bowry, ceo of Dulas, said: “We have very successfully established ourselves as a leading business in the 50-100kW turbine sector and we are now delighted to expand our range of machines into the 100-500kW capacity range.

“The SIVA 250/50 and Turbowinds T400 will provide an ideal machine for a range of typical UK distributed wind sites capable of supporting these larger turbines.”

Ross Murphy, Turbowind Energy’s ceo, said: “The T400 will be an excellent complement to Dulas’ product range offering a 15-year history of reliable operation, greater site suitability through three tip heights (including 45m), all European/UK components as well as excellent yield and site accessibility. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Dulas.”

Andrew Crossman, director of EOS Renewables which imports the SIVA 250/50, added: “This exciting partnership means that the Siva 250 wind turbine now comes with added peace of mind.  Not only will customers be  supported by the security, quality and experience of the Dulas installation and support engineers throughout the 20 year + lifetime of the turbine, but as standard they’ll receive a five year parts and labour warranty alongside noise and availability guarantees.”