Cutting costs

Upsolar has unveiled its smart modules optimised by Tigo Energy.

The company says that these smart modules have been certified by TUV Rheinland PTL for the European and North American markets. It adds that Tigo Energy’s optimizers use proprietary ‘impedance matching’ technology to increase the power harvest of each module and mitigate performance issues related to clouding and temperature differentials.

Optimizers should also reduce system costs via increased string lengths and enhanced fire protection through arc fault protection. The product can be used for sloped and flat roof arrays in addition to ground-mounted systems.

 “The performance of Tigo Energy’s optimizer has exceeded our expectations, and we were eager to incorporate the company’s technology directly into our modules to improve the performance and economics of solar for both installers and customers,” said Stephane Dufrenne, chief technology officer of Upsolar.

“We’ve already seen strong demand for the integrated product across major markets and expect this trend to continue as we pave the way to cost-neutral installations for PV systems of all sizes and designs with module-level power electronics.”