Cash back won’t work, says Climate Energy boss

A carbon reduction consultancy has stepped forward to criticise the government’s intention to offer cash back to early adopter of Green Deal.

A multi-million pound fund has been set aside by DECC to reward homeowners who choose to use Green Deal to make their homes more energy efficient. Garry Worthington, head of green deal at Climate Energy, says the money would be better used to fund a nationwide marketing campaign rather than a measure which he describes as ‘short term’.

He said: “While we welcome this announcement and the plans to reward early adopters of the Green Deal scheme with cash-back, we are concerned that it doesn’t go far enough to encourage long-term participation in the scheme.

 “We have real concerns that when this £125m is spent and the cash-back incentive is withdrawn that there will be a slump in take-up of Green Deal, and companies involved in carbon reduction like Climate Energy will be left to foot the bill of marketing the scheme to ensure its success.

 “Instead of this short-term solution we would like to see more money spent on a nationwide marketing campaign by DECC that will demonstrate the long-term financial and wellbeing benefits of participating in Green Deal, securing both the future of the scheme and of energy efficiency and carbon reduction in the UK.”