Bringing system cleansing to the small screen

In the frame: Worcester, Bosch Group’s system cleansing video is available to installers via the company’s YouTube channel and website
Worcester, Bosch Group has released a new video to help installers emphasise the benefits of system cleansing to their customers.

The video, which is available via the manufacturers YouTube channel, enables installers to simplify the benefits of having a heating system cleansed or flushed to homeowners. The video features diagrams and also metaphors to make the process relatable to customers.

Using Worcester’s latest video as an educational tool, the installer can remind the homeowner that regular system treatment improves boiler performance and ultimately prolongs its lifespan, as well as maintaining the manufacture’s boiler warranty.

Martyn Bridges, Worcester, Bosch Group, said: “Our ethos has always been to help our installers, whether this is through training or providing them with tools to educate the homeowner, and this was the concept behind our YouTube channel. System cleansing is an undervalued method for improving heating efficiency and this video is geared towards emphasising the benefits to homeowners.

“By using the videos we believe installers can make their customers aware of important issues, simplify the processes involved and help prevent any confusion surrounding the heating system within the home.”

To view Worcester’s system cleansing video visit, to look at the Worcester, Bosch Group YouTube channel visit:

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