Wind breaks record

New figures from the National Grid show that a record-breaking amount of electricity was supplied from wind sources to the grid on Friday 14th September.

Wind turbines fed an all time high of 4.131GW into the grid at 9.56am – almost 11 percent of the grid’s entire load and enough to power 3 million homes.

The total amount of energy generated from wind is believed to be up to 2.2GW higher as a third of all wind turbine capacity in the UK is connected to local electricity networks and not the National Grid.

Renewable UK’s chief executive, Maria McCaffery, said: “This record high shows that wind energy is providing a reliable, secure supply of clean electricity to an ever-greater number of British homes and businesses. As our wind energy capacity increases, the need to import expensive fossil fuels starts to diminish. The transition to a low carbon economy is well underway and harnessing this bountiful, free resource will help us drive down energy bills for all users in the long term.”