Suntech signs German supply deal

Vedat Guergeli, vice president sales and marketing of Suntech Europe
Global PV producer Suntech and Solarstrom AG have signed a contract for Suntech to supply 26MW of panels to the German market.

“We are pleased to continue our strong relationship with Solarstrom AG, an industry pioneer and a successful publicly-listed company which has provide PV power plant services for 14 years,” said Vedat Gurgeli, vice president sales and marketing of Suntech Europe.

Dr Karl Kuhlmann, ceo of Solarstrom AG, added: “Suntech offers modules of a proven high quality standard, which can be well financed when deployed in projects – these were important criteria for us when we decided on Suntech as a supplier. the quality of the modules ultimately decides the yield of the system. And as our customers expect reliable revenue, we are not prepared to compromse.”