RED products receive MCS accreditation

The MCZ Group’s RED brand has seen a number of its products gain MCS accreditation.

Safeguarding the environment is one of the MCZ Group’s main aims. President Giacomo Zanette has always said it is his moral obligation to show that there is an eco-friendly way to produce heat, without compromising market competitiveness.

Italy-based MCZ launched the brand RED in 2011 to complement traditional energy systems which produce energy from the sun and from biomass, reducing CO2 emissions, whilst enhancing comfort and cutting the cost of heating.

Designed for those who care about the environment and appreciate the savings which alternative systems ensure,  the RED product range includes biomass and solar systems, all of which MCZ says are easy to use, offer high performance levels and are competitively priced.

The company adds thats, with the introduction of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), the UK has confirmed itself as one of the countries offering tax reductions for the installation of biomass systems, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and solar thermal systems. RED has therefore designed a product range which has recently become certified by the MCS.

Further information on RED’s full product range can be found here: