DECC consults on new RO levels

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has today proposed new rates for solar power projects which fall under the Renewable Obligation.

Support levels will be set at roughly the same rate as the tariffs for PV (>250kW-5MW) under the Feed-in Tariff to reflect the falling cost of technology. Energy secretary Ed Davey says that this proposal is designed to provide certainty for investors and pave the way for increased new plant construction.

He added: “Solar PV and biomass are important renewable technologies as we move towards a more low-carbon energy mix.

“It is vital that our support for the PV projects under the Renewables Obligation reflects the fall in the cost of the technology. Our proposals are designed to encourage the most economically sound PV projects under the RO  and unsure value for money for the consumer. We understand the need for market certainty and have moved quickly to finalise these plans.”

Proposals have also been made to cap support provided for biomass power under the Renewables Obligation and to introduce a requirement for wood fuel to come from sustainably managed forests.

The solar consultation is available to view here whilst the biomass consultation can be read by clicking here.

ROCs/MWh (approximate FiTs equivalent)