Sainsbury’s becomes a greener grocer

News that Sainsbury’s has become Europe’s largest operator of solar PV has been greeted by Friends of the Earth.

69,500 modules have been installed across 169 stores which are designed to slash the supermarket giant’s energy bills and save up to 6,800 tonnes of C02 annually.

Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth director of policy and campaigns, said: “This major solar investment will make Sainsbury’s a greener grocer and gives a significant boost to the UK’s renewable energy sector.

“Firms across the UK are waking up to the business benefits of using clean British energy from the sun, wind and waves to reduce our reliance on increasingly expensive fossil fuels.

“The British government must do more to reap the UK’s huge potential for renewable energy – their new energy bill must aim for a carbon free electricity sector by 2030.”