Octopus reaffirms commitment to renewables

Octopus Investments has pledged its commitment to the UK renewable energy market despite today’s decrease in the Feed-in Tariff for solar PV.

Octopus, which has deployed around £300m on commercial solar projects in the UK since 2011, says there is still a compelling case for continued investment in the sector regardless of recent changes.

Kat Johnston, an investment manager at Octopus, said: “The 1 August deadline is a milestone, but it doesn’t spell the end for the solar energy sector – far from it. The reduction in FiT rates was inevitable given that solar technology is getting cheaper. We think that solar still has a great future and remains a key part of the UK’s renewable energy commitment.

“Octopus has worked hard over the last 18 months to support the government’s commitment to renewable energy. It is now a rapidly growing market that is positively impacting the economy, including creating opportunities for UK smaller businesses.”