Maximising efficiency

TRITEC has launched its latest battery storage system for solar power – the TRI-CELL.

According to the company, the lithium iron nano-phosphate batteries have a nominal voltage of 96V. They are comprised of 3.2V blocks with a capacity of 60-100 ampere hours depending on configuration. Electronic monitoring prevents the cells from overcharging giving them a lifespan of 5,000 charging and discharging cycles – approximately 20 years.

TRI-CELL’s modular inverters have grid feed-in function for on-grid and off-grid operation giving customers the choice to either use the power they generate or feed excess power to the National Grid.

Steve Griffiths, sales and marketing director at TRITEC UK, said: “Day or night, regardless of the weather, it’s now possible to take advantage of solar power right around the clock. Maintenance free and highly reliable, TRI-CELL’s state-of-the-art technology gives savvy installers the opportunity to offer customers even greater financial savings from their solar PV systems by maximising efficiency.”