Government praises OFT report

The Office of Fair Trading’s (OFT) report on the future operation of the home insulation market has been welcomed by the government.

Published on August 1st, the report recognises the range of consumer protection measures incorporated in the government’s Green Deal programme which will launch in October.

These measures include a new Green Deal quality mark, oversight body, complaints procedure and clear information.

Climate change minister, Greg Barker, said: “I welcome this report from the OFT, which highlights a number of important issues with the home insulation market. It shows that people are not always being well served by the current setup. That is why customers are at the very heart of the Green Deal, which will enable people to save energy and money.

“I am pleased that the OFT recognises the efforts we are putting into the Green Deal to ensure it delivers the best deal for customers, and I look forward to working with them to see how we can make it even better.” 

The full report can be downloaded here.