150 not out for Glasgow installers

Kenneth Thom, of Barclay Erskine celebrates the company’s 150th anniversary
Glasgow-based heating company Barclay Erskine has joined forces with Worcester Bosch Group to celebrate its coming of age.

To mark its 50th anniversary, Worcester Bosch has celebrated with other companies who have also reached a milestone birthday in 2012.

Barclay Erskine, which is 150, has been trading in the Glasgow and Lanarkshire region since 1862. Worcester’s local technical sales manager, Kevin Torrance, recently visited Barclay Erskine’s HQ to help with the celebrations. 

Kenneth Thom, a Barclay Erskine employee of 15 years, said: “It has been great sharing a milestone birthday with Worcester Bosch and we have thoroughly enjoyed taking a look back at the history of the heating industry.

“In the run up to our birthday our tradesmen have enjoyed talking with our customers about what life for a plumber must have been like back when our company was founded in 1862.

“Who knows what changes will happen over the next 50 years, but we hope that when Worcester celebrate its 100th birthday they will join us to celebrate our 200th.”