Something extra

SOLFEX energy systems says its customers will be able to prepare earlier for the new 2013 ERP directive regarding changes in the legislation for the usage of circulators and pumps.

All Prestige Solar Thermal Packs will be available as an optional extra with a pump group incorporating a  Wilo Stratos Para 15 /1-7 pump with immediate effect. The ERP directive does not apply to solar thermal systems until 2015 and is only legislation from 2013 for circulators designed to operate independently from the heat generator (standalone circulators).

Marc Miller, national sales director for SOLFEX energy systems, said: â€œWe have always been at the forefront of new technology and innovation and this is just another small milestone to bring the latest high efficiency products to our customers, our new range of Prozeda Primos controllers have functionality outputs to control PWM-digital signal to the HE pumps thus increasing overall efficiency  of our solar thermal systems.”

SOLFEX energy systems offers the Ergo-Pro range of German manufactured pump groups with high efficiency pumps for all applications and requirements of any size solar thermal system.