SOLFEX adds to portfolio

SOLFEX energy systems says that, with the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) now in full swing, it makes more sense for large solar thermal installations of > 80M² to be specified with its new  GK3000 series large scale crane mounted collectors due to reduced installation times of just four hours to install over 100M².

It adds that the frame collector is available in brushed aluminium or black anodised and can be parallel roof mounted or flat roof mounted with inclinations of 30, 45 & 60° with just three support triangles for a 10M² module which further reduces the preparation and installation time on the roof.

Up to 10 collector modules ( 100M²) can be connected in parallel or series with each other with minimum pressure loss due to the 28mm manifold & large 1¼” connections.

Simon Wardle, national sales manager for solar thermal products said: “Although this collector won’t be sold every week or mass marketed, it will certainly tick the box for large scale thermal installations due to lower installation costs. It will also be suitable for solar thermal applications with infrequent water usage because it can be used within a drain back system”

The GK3000 series is BS EN 12975 & also holds the Solar Keymark which is required for R.H.I. payments.