Optimising results

Zigor has unveiled its new range of string solar and wind inverters – the Sunzet.

 The company says that the Sunzet series includes solutions for single phase residential systems or three-phase commercial applications with inverters available from 2kw to 2mw of power.

The new range is designed to be easy to operate and to cover the needs of all mains connected solar generation plants. They start from 2kw up to 6kw for the On-Grid single phase inverter and from 10kw up to 166kw for the On-Grid three-phase inverters. According to ZIGOR, the different models offer between 96 percent and 98 percent efficiency and include panel strings with a wide range of options.

The Sunzet includes a web server application accessible via its Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) connection and provides an LCD display allowing customers to access production data.

Zigor incorporated a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) device into the Sunzet inverter. This is aimed to ensure the maximum possible power is gained from one or more of its solar panels by the MPPT sampling the output of the solar cells and applying the proper load. A new leakage detection system has also been developed to avoid injuries on solar plants with high levels of humidity.

Zigor also offer Off-Grid mini grid and hybrid inverters which are designed to meet power requirements in locations not covered by the grid. All products include a five-year warranty.

Zigor’s marketing director, Jesus Maria Eguiluz, said: ““One of the difficulties facing yield enhancement is that solar radiation is highly variable during the day. Just a few hours a day and the solar radiation is high enough to make inverters run at their optimum level. That results in a non-optimum utilisation of the solar radiation. Zigor’s Sunzet MPPT device has proven highly efficient in real sites with unbeatable response time against radiation changes.”