Heat pumps from Viessmann

Viessmann says that its heat pumps should be your first choice if your priorities are to save on heating costs in an environmentally responsible way.

Having developed its first heat pump in 1982, the company’s Vitocal range builds on 30 years of experience and innovation.

Viessmann has a large range of efficient heat pumps on the market, with outputs of 1.5 kW to 2 MW for single-family or multiple-family houses, industrial and commercial buildings and local heating networks. This also includes equipment for heating domestic water, compact units with integral DHW cylinder and solar functionality, and a flexible heat pump module system. In some versions, the equipment can be used in combination with a natural or active cooling box to cool buildings. Air source heat pumps can also be reversed to achieve the same effect.

• Heat pumps from 15 kW to 2 MW
Viessmann Group member and heat pump specialist KWT offers standardized units up to 304 kW, which can be cascaded for a total output of 1.2 MW. They also supply individually planned heat pump systems from 6 kW to 2 MW.

• Whisper-quiet
A highly effective noise reduction concept makes Vitocal heat pumps amongst the quietest on the market. Their completely sound-insulated housing and the three-dimensional vibration isolation of the Scroll compressor yield sound power levels under 42 dB(A), depending on output. This makes these Viessmann heat pumps as quiet as a refrigerator, so that they can be installed in the immediate vicinity of living space.

• Full range of systems technology
The comprehensive Viessmann range also offers everything needed for single- or multiple-mode operation of its heat pumps, including solar thermal systems and boilers for oil, gas or biomass, cylinders for heating and domestic hot water, radiators and underfloor heating systems – all precisely matched to one another, from a single source.

• Efficient home ventilation systems
Viessmann’s comprehensive product range features modern home ventilation systems with efficient heat recovery for central use in single-family homes and decentral use in apartment buildings. They continuously exchange up to 400 cubic meters of air per hour and eliminate odours, whereby the majority of the heat is recovered.