Report highlights opportunities in renewable heat

The renewable heat market in the UK remains unclear, with the future of the market and the nature of opportunities within it far from apparent. With ongoing delays to the RHI causing concern among installers and investors alike, Renewable Energy Installer has partnered with Sustainable Venture Intelligence to produce a comprehensive appraisal of the current state of the UK market and the opportunities for growth within it.

The Renewable Heat Market report series provides an essential and timely analysis of the sector, analysing current macroeconomic drivers and consumer needs, forecasting the future performance and payback periods of applicable technology and enabling business to plan strategically for development and growth. With specially targeted technology profiles and market analysis across the domestic, public/commercial and industrial markets, the series provides a rare and detailed examination of UK renewable heat for all stakeholders.

Renewable Energy Installer is delighted to be able to offer our readers an exclusive discount on the purchase price of the report: to download a free executive summary and preview, go to and use the promotion code REI15 at checkout or on the order form.

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