Putting PV on track

Mechatron has launched two new solar tracker systems which, it claims, increases the energy yield of modules by 40 per cent.

The company says that the dual axis system D180, follows the sun azimuthally (around its vertical axis) and elevationally (around its horizontal axis), whilst the single axis system S140, follows the sun azimuthally. Both have been built to withstand every wind speed and weather conditions, even hurricanes and the structure design principle is derived from beetles’ exoskeletons, which possess a superior strength to weight ratio.

Mechatron adds that its solar trackers are based on the accuracy of the astronomical algorithm. This contributes to maximum solar radiation intake, which maximizes the return on investment and makes it profitable – even without any subsidies. Furthermore, the trackers are equipped with a modern telemetry system which provides information of the machinery operations in real time.