Packing a punch

British firm Crosskase has combined backpack and solar technology to develop the Solar 15 backpack – a versatile accessory which the company says is ideal for those who can’t live without their essential gadgets and need them to stay charged and protected away from the home or office.

Key Features of the Crosskase Solar 15 backpack: * Integrated 3 Watt solar panel on the front of the bag soaks up natural light and stores the energy generated inside the internal battery.
* High capacity battery can charge most handheld devices on-the-go (phones, music players, GPS, pocket consoles)
*  Speedy 2 hour charge time for many devices i.e. iPhone 4, iPod nano 6G, Samsung Galaxy, HTC,  Nokia N95, Blackberry Curve.
*  Stores enough power to charge most devices twice over and can be used again and again, as the battery will recharge from:
* Solar power (8 hours)
* Mains power (3 hours)
* USB power connection (4 hours)